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Retriever 1 Door Plastic Portable Pet Carrier, Gray

Retriever 1 Door Plastic Portable Pet Carrier, Gray

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Traveling with your pet has never been easier! The pet carrier is made of heavy-duty material with 360-degree upper surround ventilation making it perfect for traveling or training pets of many sizes. Full upper surround ventilation allows fresh air to circulate. Strong wingnut bolt assembly & tie-down strap holes. (On large sizes only 28and greater) superior sturdy wire door to securely and safely protect your pet. Easy, squeeze latch door. Equipped with a sturdy, foldable handle. A size to fit all shapes and sizes. 40In dimensions 40 x 27 x 30in. 36In dimensions 36 x 25 x 27in. 32In dimensions 32 x 22.5 X 24in. 28In dimensions 28 x 20.5 X 21.5In. 24In dimensions 24 x 16.7 X 14.5In.

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