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Celestron - 12x56 Nature Dx Binoculars

Celestron - 12x56 Nature Dx Binoculars

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The Nature DX 12x56 Binocular is the perfect companion for your next all-day outdoor adventure. With phase-coated BaK-4 prism and fully multi-coated optic, Nature DX reveals image detail you won t find with other entry-level binocular. A great first step into the world of serious, large-aperture sport optic, the views through s 56mm Nature DX model rivals those of more expensive binocular, at a price to fit your budget. The Nature DX s high quality BaK-4 prism is phase coated to increase contrast and resolution. Phase coated prism, combined with fully multi-coated lens, provides maximum light transmission through the entire optical path, for brighter images, even in low light conditions. With large, 56mm objective lens, you ll notice the increased light-gathering abilities of Nature DX 12x56. Enjoy extra time viewing wildlife at dawn and dusk, when it s too dim to use smaller binocular. Plus, it is tripod adaptable to ensure stability during extended viewing sessions. The 12x56 model offers the highest magnification available on a Nature DX binocular, so you can get close to your subject, even when you re glassing at long distances. It is also an excellent choice for casual astronomical viewing.

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