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Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Speed Saw Rotary Cutter (Tool Only)

Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Speed Saw Rotary Cutter (Tool Only)

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Cutting through drywall or making accents in plywood can be a hassle without the proper tool. You want to be able to do it yourself. Make precise and accurate cuts in different materials with this Ryobi Speed Saw Rotary Cutter. This tool is part of the One+ family meaning you can work cordless with your favorite Ryobi 18v battery. Event the yellow ones. The compact design makes it easy to cut in tight places. With 27,000 rotations per minute, you can precisely cut through drywall, wood paneling, tile, or it can just be used to create decorative accents on wood. It is recommended to use a 1/8-inch bit for wood paneling. Remove the collet nut allows an included 1/8-inch bit adaptor to be installed. Cut at the proper depth with the onboard, removable, guide ring. Or, remove it all together with the included wrench. This is the one stop tool for a comfortable, collected cuts.

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