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3-4 Ft. - Guava Tree Ruby Supreme - An Overlooked Delight, Outdoor Plant

3-4 Ft. - Guava Tree Ruby Supreme - An Overlooked Delight, Outdoor Plant

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An Overlooked Delight Although it s not as commonly grown as orchard fruits or citrus fruits, the luscious tropical fruits from the Guava Tree are unbeatable for their sweet, juicy fruits. Slightly resembling a pear, because of their yellow color and shape, guava fruits are richly colored with a ruby-red pulp. Unlike other fruit trees, which require you to plant more than one for cross-pollination, the Guava Tree can bear fruit even if you have only one tree. But you ll enjoy more fruit if you plant at least two trees, and a group of three is even more ideal! A Tropical Fruit in Non-Tropical Areas If you live in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, you can grow your Guava Tree outdoors year-round. But if you live outside these zones, your Guava Tree will be killed by the freezing temps of winter. But not to worry – you can still grow your own guava fruits by planting the tree in a large container! If you have a sunny spot inside your home, you can let your Guava Tree spend the cold months in your warm house. Then when then weather warms up in spring, simply set the pot outside on your sunny patio, deck or front porch! To Prune or Not to Prune? Well, that depends. So when it arrives, you don t have to prune anything. In subsequent years, if you want to prune your tree to keep it smaller (particularly if it s potted in a container), simply trim the branches back to a manageable size! Smoothie Heaven Do you enjoy making fruit smoothies? They taste so good?...and they re so good for you! Guava fruits are naturally rich in vitamins - including B2, C, E and they re a rich source of potassium and iron. Pick a guava fruit off your own tree and immediately put it your blender with your favorite ingredients to enjoy the freshest-possible fruit smoothies! | 3-4 ft. - Guava Tree Ruby Supreme - An Overlooked Delight, Outdoor Plant See how our 30 Day Happy & Healthy Gaurantee compares to Garden Goods Direct, Lowe s. Home Depot, The Tree Center, Nature Hills Nursery, Great Garden Plants, More.

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