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48 Hi-Lift First Responder Jack

48 Hi-Lift First Responder Jack

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Firefighter-designed the First Responder Jack is the tool of choice for Extrication Heavy Rescue Forcible Entry RIT/RIC procedures as well as Stabilization and Shoring. It is constructed of steel cast iron and high strength aluminum and available in 36 inch 48 inch and 60 inch sizes. It offers up to 4660 pounds of leveraging lifting and winching options. The aggressive 36 square inch 360 degree rotating base provides a safe and effective platform while offering a wide array of rescue options including; cribbing chains and straps. The jack finish is a durable powder-coated bright yellow on the main components with fire red actuating pieces. Also includes luminescent features for use in IDLH and low light atmospheres. Jacks have a rated load capacity of 4660 pounds. The ASME B30.1-2004 requires that the jack have a 150 percentage safety factor times the rating requirement. Every Jack comes standard with a shear bolt which will shear to prevent the jack from being used on loads greater than 7000 pounds. ASME tests and many years of manufacturing sales and technical experience have proven to us that 7000 pounds is a safe maximum limit for operation of this type of jack.

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