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Msd 8261 Ignition Hvc Pro Power-2 Ignition Coil

Msd 8261 Ignition Hvc Pro Power-2 Ignition Coil

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HVC-2 Ignition CoilCoils have always had to compromise voltage output against current output. More voltage increases the initial ionization of the spark plug gap, but lowers the amount of current, or heat, that follows across the plug gap. When a coil is designed to produce more current, the voltage output generally suffers which taxes the ease of ionizing the gap. HVC Coils are designed to produce maximum voltage and energy! To accomplish this combination of high voltage and current, uses an E-core winding design. This is a very efficient design where less loss occurs during the transfer of electricity due to the closed core of the coil. Another benefit is that the coils run extremely cool, even at high racing RPM, thanks to the efficient design and huge laminations. The Pro Power HVC II Coil is built completely in-house so engineers have exclusive control over performance and quality. The coil utilizes an iron U-Core with segmented bobbin for improved voltage distribution. The bobbin is molded from Dupont Rynite FR946 material which has incredible dielectric capabilities at high temperatures. also incorporated a cutting edge winding material that has improved insulation and can endure extreme voltages. Together, these materials create a durable coil with incredible voltage capabilities, lightning quick rise time, and lengthy spark duration. The housing, also molded from Rynite material, features wide-spaced brass primary terminals and well-protected secondary tower for increased spark isolation. The housing is completely potted with an epoxy compound for vibration resistance and installs with sturdy vibration mounts.

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