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Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Fs800

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Fs800

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Dynamic and distinctive. The FS800 Acoustic is a new and improved member of the FS Series. Coming from a long heritage, the first FS was developed alongside the legendary FG Series. Released back in 1966, it s powered the music of many different artists. So, with world renowned quality, a solid top, and superb playability, the FS800 is a reliable instrument that will get your creativity flowing.No matter your style, you re covered with the FS800. And, with a smaller concert body, your sound is uniformly balanced, rich, and beautifully expressive. You can strum with a heavier attack, or delicately pick and it will always respond to your individuality. Plus, with a natural finish, faux tortoise pickguard, and chrome hardware, your FS800 has distinct style with a traditional edge. An affordable, quality instrument that s ready for the hands of any passionate player.

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