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Thrustmaster Add-On Formula Wheel (Ferrari Sf1000 Edition)

Thrustmaster Add-On Formula Wheel (Ferrari Sf1000 Edition)

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Officially licensed by Ferrari, this Add-On Formula Wheel is a 1:1 scale replica of the wheel from the legendary Ferrari SF1000 single-seater racecar. Just like the real wheel, this wheel features the same iconic labeling and official markings. The wheel also features a 4.3IPS display showing up to 69 items of racing information. The display can be natively connected or connected via wireless telemetry (Wi-Fi). The race dash also features different skins to match the type of game you are playing or car you re driving. There are 21 LEDs, including 15 for the engine speed and 2x3 for the race marshal flags. The wheel s faceplate is 100% carbon fiber, which provides balanced Force Feedback. The textured rubber grips allow for precise racing. With up to 25 action buttons, you ll have total immersion in your racing sim. The seven encoders located near your thumbs, the display, and the bottom of the wheel make it easy to assign controls, and allow for intuitive in-game adjustment of settings. Made of 100% aluminum, the paddle shifters feature push-pull technology. The magnetic paddle shifters allow for clear, precise activation to avoid driving errors while also providing durability. You can also switch the paddle shifters out with the T-Chrono Paddles (sold separately).

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