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Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8-Inch Powered Studio Monitor

Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8-Inch Powered Studio Monitor

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This item was returned in mint condition. It is free of any performance issues, and has no scratches, blemishes, or other cosmetic flaws.Designed in France by , Alpha 80 Evo monitors give producers high SPL as well as deep low-end extension. They boast a 1/4TRS jack input, a disengageable automatic standby mode and inserts for wall mounting. These fully analog monitors are equipped with two Class-D amplifiers whose high-current capacity allows full control of signal dynamics. They also provide high volumes without distortion, and pick up the slightest subtleties in the mix.Alpha 80 Evo monitors feature a 5/8-thick MDF cabinet and incorporate internal braces to sustain optimal durability, even at the highest levels of acoustic pressure. The bass-reflex design ensures easy acoustic integration in any space. Aesthetically, the traditional cube monitor shape makes way for rounded contours. The side panels give a robust, modern design, while contributing to excellent acoustics.

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