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Steelseries Apex Pro Mini Gaming Keyboard

Steelseries Apex Pro Mini Gaming Keyboard

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The world s fastest and most advanced keyboard performs effortlessly for all undertakings, whether you need the fastest keystrokes in gaming to destroy the competition or deliberate presses for typing accuracy – the power is yours to wield. New OmniPoint 2.0 switches use state-of-the-art magnetic sensors for an instant, zero contact keystroke activation to give you what you want — speed. Program two actions to a single key, depending on how you press it. Walk forward with a light key press, and then sprint by pressing that same key deeper. Create your advanced combos to overtake the competition. Absolute precision and unmatched customization are at your fingertips. Tune the registration distance of your keystrokes to the nearest 0.1mm. Whether you prefer the feather-light touch of 0.2mm, or a firm press at 3.8mm, the choice is yours.

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