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Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center Water Table

Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center Water Table

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Includes four Ball Buddies characters to haul even more C a train, boat, dump truck, and helicopter! Two-tier water table play provides lazy river basin in addition to molded-in roadways, bridges, and loading dock platforms. Great pretend play toy for multi-child social play to teach sharing, taking turns, and patience! Multiple stations and accessories allow kids to play together or to play on their own and experience water play in their own way. Clean-up is easy with convenient notches in the table legs to hold play balls and basin space to corral the accessories. Engaging water play stations include two hoops, water-activated spinner, and whirlpool spinner in the bottom basin. Made EverTough C this kids outdoor water table features unmatched strength and durability, making it great for worry-free playtime with easy upkeep. Easy to clean! Use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want! In the box: Water table base and legs, 4 Ball Buddies toys, ball-picker tongs, 2 hoop towers, water-activated spinner, bridge attachment, whirlpool spinner, 3 cups, 10 play balls.

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