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Ski Bindings Salomon Warden Mnc 11 (Black)

Ski Bindings Salomon Warden Mnc 11 (Black)

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Strong, Light, and Reliable. has a long history of making ski bindings, and as a result, they make some of the best on the market today. The MNC 11 bindings are multiform certified, which means they will take regular alpine boots, WTR boots, and ISO 9523 certified touring boots. A power toe piece delivers precise and powerful steering, and the oversized bindingski interface ensures maximum power transmission, especially on skis with a wider waist width. It multi-norm and easily adjustable with its Adjustable Toe Height and Sliding AFD as its compatibility with all boots on the market. the U Power Toe and Oversized platform are served to be strong and precise to the power transmission. Additionally, the progressive Transfer pads underneath the toe and heel ensure more shock absorption which created a great dampening system. The heel piece designed to allow the ski to keep its natural flex, and at the bottom of the bindings, there a pad that helps to smooth out vibration and shock to allow for more precise turning.

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