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Belly Bandit Black Upsie Belly Support - L (Large)

Belly Bandit Black Upsie Belly Support - L (Large)

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The Upsie Belly support belt provides support for the growing baby bump and helps prevent back pain. Nobody wants to miss out on the feeling of becoming a mother. Especially the time from knowing about the pregnancy to the birth is one of the most exciting phases in life. But pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body, especially the back. But this is exactly where the Upsie Belly support belt comes in and makes the way to birth easier for every woman. The particularly soft bamboo stretch viscose material supports the belly and back exactly where it is absolutely needed. It stabilizes the region around the pelvis and the weight of the belly is evenly distributed to the joints that support it. This relieves pressure on the back and helps to alleviate pain or even prevent it altogether. In the attached pockets on the back inside, (the included) cold or warm compresses can be inserted, which means additional relief of any pain that may occur. But also just to feel good, on cold or warm days, the compresses are perfect. Stabilising the pelvis and evenly distributing the weight also means that the bladder is relieved, as the concentrated pressure and weight is taken off it. The Upsie Belly support belt keeps the body s centre of gravity in its centre, posture remains upright, postural problems of pregnancy can be avoided. Sporting activities during pregnancy are made easier, even after the birth. The SecureStrechTM nestles very softly against the body, promotes blood circulation without leaving pressure marks. The practical Velcro closure makes the Upsie Belly support belt expandable and thus wearable in every phase of pregnancy, without constricting or cutting in. Available in cream or black, the Upsie Belly Support Belt can be worn under or over clothing to adorn any shirt and show off your baby bump.

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