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Belkin Boost↑Charge Auto Charger (Wic004btbk)

Belkin Boost↑Charge Auto Charger (Wic004btbk)

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Charge your device simply and safely in the car with a vent mounted MagSafe compatible wireless car charger that works in any orientation. Magnetic charging on-the-go This wireless car charger is designed to leverage the MagSafe technology in the iPhone devices. Quickly charge your iPhone in the car with up to 7.5W of power, so you ll always arrive with a charge. Mounting your phone is easy with the convenience of one-handed placement and perfect magnetic alignment every time. View your screen in portrait to set the playlist and flip to landscape mode for GPS, all without interrupting your charge. 10W fast wireless charging Get a convenient wireless charge up to 10W. Charge while you stream, map, or take calls and always arrive with power. Easy magnetic alignment This Magnetic Wireless Car Charger features a powerful magnetic module that keeps your iPhone safely mounted through all the bumps and turns on the road. The sturdy base and vent clip make sure your vent mount always stays in place. Compatible with official MagSafe cases No need to remove your case, the Magnetic Wireless Car Charger mounts and charges when using official MagSafe cases.

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