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Jackson By Noriko | Synthetic Wig | Sugar Cane-R

Jackson By Noriko | Synthetic Wig | Sugar Cane-R

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From Rene of Paris, Jackson from the Collection is a mid-length synthetic wig. The straight ready-to-wear style features flattering, face-framing layers and adjustable tabs in the back nape area to allow a more comfortable fit. How do I use it: Give the wig a gentle shake to loosen up the hair and style. Using both hands, hold the wig at the sides with the woven label in the back. Place it at your natural hairline and slide it on from front to back, like a bathing cap. Adjust the wig front to back as needed to align the front edge with your natural hairline. Use the ear tabs, left to right to center your wig. Adjust inner hook or tab, located on either side of the label at the nape to tighten or loosen the circumference of the wig until the wig feels secure. The wig should feel secure, but not too tight. If needed, adjust the tabs, pull towards label to tighten, away to loosen. From Rene of Paris.

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