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Black Diamond Camalot C4

Black Diamond Camalot C4

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has always favoured the dual axle design because of its range of placement options and excellent passive strength. The Camalot C4 s redesigned cam lobes shave off unneeded grams without reducing durability, resulting in a 10% drop in weight from the previous version. The new triggers on the big guns (#4, 5 and 6) let you keep them retracted so they don t take up as much room on your harness, and they release immediately when you re ready to place. These cams are great for any rack, from alpine to trad climbing. Sculpted cam lobes are lighter for great strength-to-weight ratio. Double axle design offers the widest range for each cam unit, and works in passive placements. Ergonomic, symmetrical thumb loop allows precise placements and fast removals. Larger sizes 4, 5 and 6 have trigger keepers for compact racking. Colour-coded slings match lobes for quick identification. CE certified.

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