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Toon Donatello Reissue (Tmnt Ninja Turtles, Playmates)

Toon Donatello Reissue (Tmnt Ninja Turtles, Playmates)

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Toon Leo is the Eye-bulging Bad Boy Buster! With eye-popping action, he knows trouble when he sees it—and so will you. Toy includes his Toon Katanas. - Toon Don is the Bandana-spinnin Reptile Wonder! Hes ready to be an animated action hero with his Toon Bo and a spinning bandanna on his head. Toy includes 2 bo staffs. - Toon Raph is the Head Turnin Toon Turtle! He can spin his head 360 degrees to see front, back, and sides. So keep your eyes on him, and hell keep his on everyone else. Toy includes his twin Toon Sais. - Toon Mikey is the Tongue-torquin Turtle Toon! Spin the wheel on the back of his shell to stick out his tongue—he can lick a pepperoni anytime! Toy includes his Toon Nunchuks!

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