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Tascam Dp-03sd Digital Portastudio

Tascam Dp-03sd Digital Portastudio

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The DP-03-SD is the successor to the popular DP-02 and, thanks to integrated microphones and effective Mastering tools, is even more practical, more efficient and at the same time more compact than its predecessor. It can be two tracks at the same time at CD quality price value SD/SDHC memory cards record and simplifies the mixing through their own regulator for level, panorama, EQ and echo effect. The finished production can be connected via a fast USB 2.0 connection to a computer or with the help of built-in drive direct burn it to CD. An input pair of DP-03-SD can be assigned to any tracks; phantom power for external condenser microphones is available if required also available. The inputs can also be used on line and instrument level switch to sources such as drum computer, keyboards, guitar and bass. Tuner and metronome provide for studio tire performance. Create space for more pictures can be by up to eight tracks together (ping-pong method) or on a special, additional stereo track abmischt. Like the previous model DP-02 offers the DP-03-SD own controller for the mixture in connection with an easy-to-use menu for editing and other functions. New Mastering tools like EQ, multi-band compressor and a NORMALIZER pave the way for professional sounding master. With so much power in a compact packaging promises the DP-03 fun for little money - whether in recordings at home or on the go.This text is machine translated.

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