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Slipdoctors Duragrip (Black, Quart) Non-Slip Paint

Slipdoctors Duragrip (Black, Quart) Non-Slip Paint

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Dura Grip High-Performance Non-Slip Epoxy Paint is an anti-slip paint coating specifically designed to provide a hard, durable barefoot-friendly textured non-slip paint finish on a variety of substrates. Dura Grip non-slip paint is ideal for use on slippery diamond-plate metal ramps, slippery garage floors, slippery boat decks, slippery trailers, slippery stairs, slippery locker room floors, slippery laundry room floors and other residential and industrial areas where anti-slip protection is desired. Dura Grip anti-slip paint coatings were designed to prevent slips and falls in your home and business. Built to last, Dura Grip is a tough and durable anti-slip paint that can be used on multiple types of surface including slippery steel ramps, slippery fiberglass, slippery aluminium floors, slippery concrete floors, slippery wooden floors and decks, slippery tiled floors and other slippery natural stone floors. Its perfect as a non-slip commercial paint and non-slip residential paint for floors and you can walk comfortably on Dura Grip even with bare feet. Dura Grip anti-slip textured paint is available in three sizes and an assortment of colors including black, clear, dark brown, light gray, medium gray, safety blue, safety yellow, safety red, sand and white. Dura Grip anti-slip paint offers a simple non-slip paint solution to reduce the likelihood of slip-and-fall injuries. Application of our high-performance textured anti-slip epoxy paint coating provides safe foot traffic in both wet and dry conditions. Single component, the oil-based anti-slip paint coating is chemical resistant and durable to withstand heavy traffic. The barefoot-friendly non-slip floor paint texture offers non-skid protection for bare feet and tender paws, making it perfect for decks and patios. Equally effective for tough surfaces such as slippery aluminum ramps, slippery truck lift gates, slippery metal stairs and ideal to paint slippery ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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