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Yamaha Electronic Acoustic Drum Module Ead10 Acoustic

Yamaha Electronic Acoustic Drum Module Ead10 Acoustic

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The drum sounds picked up by the EAD10 s sensor unit can be clearly monitored through headphones and recorded to the main unit s built-in memory or USB memory for playback. It also has an AUX terminal and by connecting a portable music player etc. it is possible to simultaneously monitor the playback sound of the player and the high-quality sound miked while performing. The EAD10 main unit is equipped with over 30 types of effects such as reverb and delay and over 750 types of Trigger sounds. In addition to 50 types of preset scenes that combine each you can customize the preset scenes and save 200 types of your own scenes. By adding a variety of tones to your acoustic drums you can expand the expressiveness of your drum performance. In addition it is highly expandable to include.

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