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Ultrapro Elite Usb-C Multiport Hub With Power Pass-Through

Ultrapro Elite Usb-C Multiport Hub With Power Pass-Through

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Embrace productivity with the convenience and charging capability of the UltraPro Elite USB-C Multiport Hub with Power Pass-Through. This slim hub improves the versatility of your USB-C devices with one easy connection. Simply plug it into your devices USB-C port and connect to vital accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, external hard drives, USB flash drives, HDMI displays and more. The hubs compact, durable design easily fits into a laptop bag, backpack or briefcase and is ideal for travel or use in your home, office or dorm room. This ensures your device is actively charging while in use, provided the hub is also connected to a wall outlet using your devices power adapter. The multiport hub also includes two HDMI ports that support resolutions up to 4K at 30Hz so you can mirror or add a screen to your workstation setup. The two USB-A 3.0 ports are quick to transfer data at speeds up to 5Gbps from devices like external hard drives and flash drives. For best performance when connecting to a mobile hard disk drive, be sure to connect your laptops power supply to the multiport hub. Need a more secure and reliable connection than Wi-Fi? This hubs 1Gbps Ethernet port provides a direct connection to back up files and transfer important data—no Wi-Fi needed.

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