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Podcast Equipment Bundle, Sinwe Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand And Professional Audio Mixer For Studio Recording Vocals, Voice Overs,

Podcast Equipment Bundle, Sinwe Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand And Professional Audio Mixer For Studio Recording Vocals, Voice Overs,

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Professional Recording Studio Equipment Our podcast equipment set is equipped with SINWE BM-800 podcast microphone, SINWE F998 professional audio mixer, desktop mic stand, 3 meters long headphones and 4 data cables. This professional podcast equipment has been designed for podcasts, streaming, music recording and a short video. One set to meet all your needs. Professional audio blender: the newly designed sound card almost contains the functions commonly used in podcasts: 16 kinds of special fixed background sound effects, 7 kinds of podcast and recording modes, 4 kinds of voice change modes, 4 kinds of special functions (elimination/denoise/voice over/internal reading), add more fun to your podcasts and live for streaming. Ideal for projects and home studios. Cardioid Microphone:It has a high signal to noise ratio (SNR) which means less distortion caused during recording. The podcast microphone has been designed with 2021 professional sound chipset, which allows this condenser podcast microphone to hold a 120kHz sampling rate and 24 bit bitrate, ensuring your voice is captured in the smallest detail. Provides singers with clear vocal performance. Device Compatibility This podcast equipment kit is not only fully compatible with most common operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS, but also compatible with iPad/Smartphones (iPad, iPhone, adapters may be required). Even connect three mobile phones to Livestream on different streaming platforms at the same time. This podcast equipment meets the use of all scenarios: gaming, live streaming, podcasting, voice, music recording etc. Chipset son le plus récent 2021 Capture des détails du son Multi-effets, multimodes et gameplay 16 effets sonores intéressants Cheer, din, gunshot, 9277, yell, kiss, rire, applaudissements, dindin, rire, slash, PUBG, Awesome, Mary, Awkward, Guys. 7 options de mode Son primaire, studio d enregistrement, PRO, POP, MC, Change Voice, karaoké. 4 types de changements sonores Changeur de voix magique. La carte son peut transformer votre voix en voix d une femme, une voix d homme, une voix loli et un son magique de Warcraft en appuyant sur le bouton ? Changement de voix ?. Bras de flèche librement réglable. Vous permet d ajuster librement pour obtenir le meilleur son, adapté pour le podcasting et le streaming. Filtre pop double couche Atténuez efficacement l énergie du son plosif comme ? P ? et ? B ?. Support antichoc. Réduisez le bruit de clic indésirable et les vibrations de la souris, du clavier, de la table et de l h?te Tous les accessoires 1 microphone à condensateur. 1 mélangeur audio. 1 bras de microphone 1 filtre anti-pop 1 support antichoc. 1 housse de microphone. 1 écouteur de 3 m de long. 4 cables de données

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