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Ewheels Ew-M34 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter Blue

Ewheels Ew-M34 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter Blue

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HIGHTLIGHTS Speed and style are strengths of the EW-M34. With a beautiful body and cool aluminum wheels, this 4-wheel travel scooter will draw attention. A heavy-duty steel front bumper increases protection, and the M34 has a top speed of 4.5 mph. To get you where you need to go, 24 Volt batteries offer a 10-mile driving range. You have plenty of area to put your feet on the scooter securely and pleasantly thanks to its big, non-slip foot deck and overall length of 39. When getting off the scooter, you may carry your belongings with you using the carrying handle on the spacious front basket. Many folks worry about needing a mobility scooter that is portable and light. The EW-M34 scooter was created by EWheels with these considerations in mind. This item may be broken down into 4 pieces in a matter of seconds, with the heaviest component weighing only 28 lbs. With the EW-M34, you can quickly enter or exit the vehicle by swiveling the seat to the side. Additionally, the armrests flip up so that nothing is in the way. COMPACT BATTERY You have the choice of leaving the battery on this portable mobility scooter while it charges or removing it to charge it in your house.

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